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I’ve started working on another web site about curly hair.  I’m working on a wiki about organic curl care.  It’s hard enough having curly hair when no one knows how to tell you to care for it properly.  The conventional answer is to straighten it so you can care for it like everyone else.

I have to tell you all that’s BS.  Those of us with kinky and curly hair have hair that is physically different and chemcially different than straight haired people.  If your hair is not pin straight, you should not be using sulfate based shampoos on your hair, among other things.  That means about 99% of conventional shampoos – things that you can buy at the grocery or drug store – will cause severe damage to your hair.

I’m not going to recap the whole thing here, because that’s sort of pointless, but as I continue to gather information, I can add it to the the curltalk web site so that my fellow curlies have a resource.


~ by morrighu on June 14, 2009.

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